Our senses transfer information to the brain and it is from this that we make thousands of decisions every day. In a word filled with reproduced imagery and sounds, working with wood and hand tools engages us with a palpable reality. It is a reality based on thought, effort, and a sense of accomplishment. To be truly creative with wood requires more than just pressing a button.

Paul Sellers, Master Woodworker

Our Work Shop

Grasshopper Woodworks  is currently located in a barn in Carlton, OR, among the vineyards of Oregon’s Wine country.

We use a combination of power tools and hand-tools. Power tools let us get “close enough” very quickly. Hand tools enable us to make fine adjustments to craft a finely finished product.

Contact us if you have questions about our tools/choices, jigs and fixtures, or how we make things. We love hearing from you!

About Us

I am a refugee from the tech industry. A while ago, I decided that it was more important to do things I love rather than chasing a dollar. Life is too short. To this end I’ve built my life around things I am passionate about: sailing and woodworking. If you’d like to follow this story and see what I come up with, please follow me on Facebook!