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We love making stuff out of wood. For the most part we use our lathe to turn bowls and spindles. This is sheer joy and near instant gratification.

We make also make “planar” stuff” like furniture and accessories, and are developing some of our own designs.

Additionally, we take on commissions for specific things people would like built.

Our Work Shop

Grasshopper Woodworks  is currently located in the a barn in the middle of the Oregon Wine Country in Carlton, OR.

We use a combination of power tools and hand-tools. Power tools let us get “close enough” very quickly. Hand tools enable us to make fine adjustments to craft a finely finished product. If we used hand tools exclusively, what we make would be prohibitively expensive!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our tools/choices, jigs and fixtures, or how we make things. We love hearing from you!

About Us

I am a refugee from the tech industry. A while ago, I decided that it was more important to do things I love rather than chasing a dollar. Life is too short. To this end I’ve built my life around things I am passionate about: sailing and woodworking. If you’d like to follow this story and see what I come up with, please follow me on Facebook!