An Even Crazier December

We’ve already mentioned that getting through November was pretty hectic. December was more of the same. While we haven’t really been selling stuff through our Etsy store, we have sold several boards and other stuff through our presence at Forage Homewares and through semi-custom orders. My guess is that over the next few months we will increase our presence with local retailers and make products available through this site rather than focusing on Etsy as a channel.

A part of having products at Forage Homewares on Mississippi is that one has to work a couple of shifts at the store offering direct contact with customers. That’s interesting. Curiously, people wanted the display stands that we we had to use as drying racks. They also wanted a bag. Our boards are now delivered along with a rustic burlap bag (soon to be “branded”), a stand/drying rack, and a little card that has care instructions and our warrantee and return policy. We are not sure about the card as we feel like it would get tossed after the first use. My guess is that we’ll end up printing the care instructions on the stand/drying rack as soon as we figure out how to accomplish that affordably.

Now that the Holiday season’s complete, we’re taking a deep breath, doing some much needed maintenance, trying out some other products, and getting ready to rock 2017. Following are some pictures of what December looked like.


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